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Course Description

Water and Wastewater Training Courses are delivered to Water and Wastewater Treatment Operators for licensing, licensing renewal, and development of their professional skills. These courses are TCEQ, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, approved for both licensing and renewal of water and wastewater licenses in Texas. All water and wastewater courses are designed to achieve specific goals. Goal performance is based on classroom instruction, hands-on training, and knowledge review to ensure that each participant understands the treatment skills necessary to operate a water or wastewater system. TCEQ approved instructors and TCEQ approved manuals are provided to each participant before each course. The TCEQ requires that each participant meet certain requirements to obtain a license to operate either a water treatment system or wastewater treatment system in Texas. All courses are designed so that each participant can achieve the knowledge necessary to pass the desired examination for operating either a water or wastewater system.


Class prices are contingent on class size & location.

TCEQ Approved Water Classes

0092 Basic Water Works Operations (20 hours TCEQ Credit)
0605 Water Distribution (20 hours TCEQ Credit)
0223 Groundwater Production (20 hours TCEQ Credit)
0942 Surface Water Production I (24 hours TCEQ Credit)
0954 Surface Water Production II (20 hours TCEQ Credit)

TCEQ Approved Wastewater Classes

0059 Basic Wastewater Operations (20 hours TCEQ Credit)
0080 Wastewater Collection (20 hours TCEQ Credit)
0437 Wastewater Treatment (20 hours TCEQ Credit)

TCEQ Approved Water and Wastewater Classes

0108 Water Utilities Calculation (20 hours TCEQ Credit)
0426 Water Utilities Safety (20 hours TCEQ Credit)

Note: 10 participants must register for class to be held